Featured Members

March 2014

Lutrisha is currently the acting Secretary for the  Scenic City Sickle Cell Corporation. She contributes to the organization by ensuring that it runs in an efficient and organized manner. Lutrisha’s secretarial roles include a myraid of different duties, however, some of her primary responsibilities include accurately documenting the proceedings that took place during both board, and general body meetings and communicating to various members on upcoming events and meetings.

Lutrisha says that CSCSCC holds a special place in the hearts of the Kelly household because the disease has affected her family directly. The Kelly’s were introduced to the sickle cell disease with the birth of their first born child, Ariel, through a simple newborn trait test. “The disease was a shock to the family.” Lutrisha discovered later that both her and her husband, Herman had the genetic sickle cell trait that ran in their families. Nevertheless, both Lutrisha and Herman would eventually give birth to two sons, Pierre who has the trait, and Kalin who has the sickle cell disease.

The family was blessed with the opportunity to have a bone marrow match come from within their very own household. Pierre, their second son participated in a transplant for Ariel. As a result of the bone marrow transplant, Ariel was cured and is currently enjoying her first year as a kindergartener.

“This organization is important to the Kelly family as a means of promoting awareness to the community, as well as providing support for other families affected by the disease, and the Chattanooga Scenic City Sickle Cell Corporation also gives my family the opportunity to share my journey with others about caring for a child with a medical condition like sickle cell.”


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